Amigos Nicas supports children in Nicaragua

„Amigos Nicas“,  (Nicaraguan friends) is a small charity initiated by Margarita Tschudi who has been travelling to Nicaragua since 1991. Through meeting with street children and socially active Nicaraguan women she conceived the idea of starting a that would not only meet the children’s educational requirements but one that would also help them to deal with their personal problems and social needs. In this spirit School Pastorcitos de Belen was founded in 2003. Since then the project has evolved to the point where there are now 100 students. 

The educational curriculum including music, dance and sports has bolstered the children’s self-confidence and helped them to better experience the joy of life.  

Donation account: Amigos Nicas, PostFinance, IBAN CH58 0900 0000 8533 7202 5
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